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Default Sieve reservation thread for n=333,333

Sieving is now complete, but manual LLR reservations are still open. Post in this thread to reserve a range, and report results the same way.

Sieve reservations:

Range		Reserved By	Status
1-205T		Biwema		complete
205T-250T	Smh		complete
250T-300T	jmblazek	complete
300T-310T	jmblazek	complete
310T-400T	Skligmund	complete
400T-500T	Biwema		complete
500T-550T	jmblazek	complete
550T-700T	gribozavr	complete
700T-720T	jmblazek	complete
720T-730T	jmblazek	complete
730T-800T	Skligmund	complete
800T-850T	Skligmund	complete
850T-860T	MooooMoo	complete
860T-900T	Skligmund	complete
900T-1000T	Skligmund	complete
1000T-1010T	jmblazek	complete
1010T-1050T	jmblazek	complete
1050T-1100T	jasong		complete
1100T-1120T	jmblazek	complete
1120T-1170T	KEP		complete
1170T-1175T	Skligmund	complete
1175T-1200T	antiroach	complete
1200T-1225T	antiroach	complete
1225T-1300T	Skligmund	complete
1300T-1400T	antiroach	complete
1400T-1425T	jmblazek	complete
1425T-1500T	gribozavr	complete
1500T-1539.5T	smh		complete
1539.5T-1550T	Skligmund	complete
1550T-1555T	cipher		complete
1555T-1610T	cipher		complete
1610T-1620T	NEBOJSA		complete
1620T-1650T	NEBOJSA		complete
1650T-1700T	cipher		complete
1700T-1750T	cipher		complete
1750T-1800T	cipher		complete
1800T-2020T	Skligmund	complete
2020T-2050T	NEBOJSA		complete
2050T-2100T	gribozavr	complete
2100T-2130T	NEBOJSA		complete
2130T-2150T	MooooMoo	complete
2150T-2200T	Denahar		complete
2200T-2300T	gribozavr	complete
2300T-2400T	Denahar		complete
2400T-2450T	Denahar		complete
2450T-2507T	Biwema		complete
2507T-2668T	Biwema		complete
2668T-2700T	Biwema		complete
2700T-2800T	Joshua2		complete
2800T-2820T	MooooMoo	complete
2820T-2900T	Joshua2		complete
2900T-3200T	Joshua2		complete
3200T-3500T	Joshua2		complete
3500T-3611T	gribozavr	complete
3611T-3675T	popandbob	complete
3675T-3700T	cipher		complete
3700T-4002T	Joshua2		complete
4002T-4100T	gribozavr	complete
4100T-4125T	MooooMoo	complete
4125T-4200T	biwema		complete
4200T-4300T	gribozavr	complete
4300T-4320T	popandbob	complete
4320T-4400T	cipher		complete
4400T-5000T	gribozavr	complete
5000T-5010T	Ken_g6		complete
5010T-5100T	biwema		complete
5100T-5125T	Ken_g6		complete
5125T-5150T	Darkclown	complete
5150T-5160T	Darkclown	complete
5160T-5200T	Darkclown	complete
5200T-5300T	gribozavr	complete
5300T-5400T	biwema		complete
5400T-5500T	gribozavr	complete
5500T-5510T	CedricVonck	complete
5510T-5550T	CedricVonck	complete
5550T-5570T	Lennart		complete
5570T-5700T	Lennart		complete
5700T-5750T	Lennart		complete
5750T-5800T	gribozavr	complete
5800T-5900T	gribozavr	complete
5900T-6000T	Lennart		complete
6000T-6700T	Lennart		complete
6700T-7000T	gribozavr	complete
7000T-7300T	gribozavr	complete
7300T-7700T	gribozavr	complete
7700T-7710T	cipher		complete
7710T-7790T	Lennart		complete
7790T-7850T	Svenie25	complete
7850T-8000T	Svenie25	complete
8000T-8050T	Svenie25	complete
8050T-8060T	cipher		complete
8060T-8070T	elftron		complete
8070T-8100T	elftron		complete
8100T-8130T	cipher		complete
8130T-8200T	Skligmund	complete
8200T-8215T	MooooMoo	complete
8215T-8250T	elftron		complete
8250T-8500T	Skligmund	complete
8500T-10000T	Primegrid	complete
10000T-12500T	Primegrid	complete
12500T-16000T	Primegrid	complete
16000T-16030T	cipher		complete
16030T-20000T	Primegrid	complete
20000T-25000T	Primegrid	complete
Simple stats page:

Rank	Siever		Number of ranges sieved (in T)
-	Primegrid	16470
1	Puzzle-Peter	14775
2	gribozavr	2754
3	Lennart		1328
4	Joshua2		1082
5	Skligmund	980.5
6	biwema		820
7	cipher		415
8	HAmsty		396
9	jmblazek	314
10	Svenie25	260
11	Ward De Ridder	217
12	Denahar		200
12	dar1008		200
14	Benva		160
15	antiroach	150
16	Scott Brown	105
17	NEBOJSA		100
17	vasm		100
19	MooooMoo	90
20	smh		84.5
21	popandbob	84
22	elftron		75
22	Darkclown	75
24	jasong		50
24	KEP		50
24	CedricVonck	50
27	Ken_g6		35
28	pschoefer	25
29	Menipe		13
30	[SPEG]Saerdna	12
Total: 25000T sieved

Manual LLR reservations (reserve above 95G, please)
Range		Tested by	Status
99800M-99890M	MooooMoo	in progress
99890M-99895M	CedricVonck	complete (1 prime)
99895M-99900M	MooooMoo	complete (1 prime)
99900M-100000M	biwema		complete (7 primes)
Reference points:

2^50 = 1126T ~ 349 k/M
2^51 = 2252T ~ 334 k/M
2^52 = 4504T ~ 321 k/M
2^53 = 9007T ~ 309 k/M

Optimal sieve depth for n=333,333: ~25000T.
There will be ~292 k/M at that sieve depth.

The top siever will share credit with the discoverer and top LLR tester if a twin is found.

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Originally Posted by jmblazek View Post
Any word yet on submitting factors??? Also, I presume that it's OK to use the new output file generated? Not that it matters but a little less k and about 1 meg smaller.
Yes, it's OK to use the new output file.

NewPGen.del files that are still valid: (others have already expired)


5300T-5400T (31016 factors found)
LLR residues:


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Here's a new file:

k = 63e9 -- 99.9e9
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8500T-10000T Primegrid COMPLETE

Factor files located here:

Ranges (in T) completed by:
Menipe           COMPLETE     13
pschoefer        COMPLETE     22
HAmsty           COMPLETE     26
vasm             COMPLETE     30
Scott Brown      COMPLETE     55
Benva            COMPLETE     70
John             COMPLETE     79
Ward De Ridder   COMPLETE    117
Lennart          COMPLETE    118
Puzzle-Peter     COMPLETE    970
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16000T-16030T cipher [complete] 1146 factors
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Default 8250T-8500T Complete
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Scott Brown
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Just wanted to point out that I am listed twice in the sieve stats listing.

MooooMoo: Fixed, thanks for pointing that out.

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We've reached the optimal sieve depth, so sieving is complete. No reservations above 25P will be accepted, and any work done above that level will not show up on the reservations or stats page.

All of Primegrid's factor files can be found here: If there are any problems with the stats page, feel free to point them out. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Manual LLR reservations are still open. Any range above 95G is available, but you'll have to create your own sieve file if you want to reserve a range above 100G. Good luck

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cipher, Skligmund: got your files, thanks.

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Thumbs up

TPS LLR is started again on Primegrid.

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Well, I wonder if we can do something meaningful with the data from the sieve?
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