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Unhappy How to use Dual Processing

I have a Dual Athlon 2000+

When it asks for the CPU affinity, I put down 0 and then I clicked on the program from my startup to start another instance, but it wouldnt let me start another instance.

I am running Windows XP.

How do I start another instance fo Prime95?

(why is this not a multi-threaded prog)

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Sep 2002

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one way which is how I doit is install anther prime95 in new folder then run another prime 95 from there.
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It's not multi-threaded because in George's opinion, you can get more throughput by running two separate instances, one on each processor.

I have a Dual Athlon MP 1900+ that has two PrimeNet folders. You have to do this or there is a switch available through the command line. One issue with the two folders/two installations setup is that because they have the same service name so you have to use the function in undoc.txt to change one to get it to run on startup.

So all you need to do is just install Prime95 again to a different directory, set affinity to 1, and set this in ONE local.ini:


That should do the trick.
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Yes, what PrimeCruncher wrote is the key, that got me too until I finally read through all the readmes. Each instance needs to run as a seperate service. Also, don't forget to set the second instance to run Affinity=1. One other thing, remember to read up on the RAM available option.
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