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Default All Available Ranges

To keep it simple the ranges are fixed arbitrarily to 1 M containing typically about 25000 exponents. Of course smaller ranges are possible and depending on the time to finish the work, especially for > 61 bit, it's recommended to take smaller ranges (but enough for at least 1 month of work).
The selection is also based on the weekly updated file (see other sticky how to start). In any case, please compare the range selected with the list of reserved ranges and let reserve it before starting (previous tests with single exponents are recommended to estimate the time to run).

Factoring time depends on the CPU used, the factoring depth and the size exponents tested (the bigger the faster due to the general factor form of 2*K*P+1, where P is the exponent)

In general P4 CPUs are more effective for factoring to 63 bit and higher (boost due to SSE2 optimization).

edit :
Most wanted ranges are now bold with the preferable target as remark.
In general these are ranges which will be released soon to Primenet (suitable for faster machines only) but also other ranges capable for slower machines. All ranges below 33.2M should reach eventually 62 bit factoring depth at least (maybe later more).

Status >63 bits

Range         Status    Remarks

93.0-94.0M      64

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