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Default NFS@Home issue

Looks like we have an issue:

I've locked that thread but not deleted it. This explains the project increase of CPU power for the last week or so.
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Very confusing thread. (and the thread it refers to, and the thread that thread refers to)

What exactly is the issue that NFS@Home appears to have?
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Oct 2011
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Yoyo please come aboard to explain your issues.

PS: There’s a claim about that user from Gridcoin that uses Boinc as malware to crunch several boinc projects. The guy says Gridcoin payments are for a charity institution but I have my doutbs.
It’s more of an ethical issue.

PS2: Personally I don’t give a damn, I just want to see people crunching NFS@Home but I’m not the project admin so I’ve decided to share this with all.

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I don't completely understand it?

First of all, I don't like attaching monetary rewards to BOINC, which is supposed to be voluntary. If a projects asks for donations to upgrade their server or code that is fine by me.

So this GRIDcoin is paying coins based on the contributions a user/PC makes to BOINC projects?

The GRIDcoin developers mined the 1,000,000th block using an exploit? Isn't the whole idea behind a block-chain that this shouldn't be possible? If this was so easily possible, this coin should be totally worthless.

A foundation? is mining these GRIDcoins using an old BOINC client (7.0.80), but there is little transparency how they get so many users, what they spend the money on?

1). Is the work the computers of this user/foundation they are submitting to NFS@home valid (as in, is it contributing useful relations?)

2). Has the user/foundation replied to emails about these concerns?

3). What if NFS@home would require at least version 7.2.42 (the recommended version for Linux/Mac OS), how much compute power would it lose? Would it solve the potential security problem with 7.0.80? Latest version for Windows is 7.8.3, so I doubt many Windows users would still run 7.0.80. It is not even downloadable from their site:
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Now with GRC, BOINC credits are no more just some points for competition. BOINC credits are with GRC are now money. So, the credits are now more a target for cheating.

Here is a further discussion about this topic:

For me the user looks a bit suspicious. I asked the GRC guys if I can get some more evidence, e.g. a link to some software, game, fake browser or whatever, which is boundled with BOINC and which mines GRC to test it in a sandbox. But that wasn't found or isn't available anymore.

Anyway, the used version 7.0.80 is very old and mainly used by this user. Therefore I decidied it is a good idea to require a newer version of BOINC to get work of my projects (yoyo- & yafu@home). If the user can realy control all the hosts he also should be able to upgrade the BOINC version. Which didn' happend for the last weeks in yoyo@home.

As I saw SRBASE project followed this approach.


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