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Default f14 complete

The original Sierpinski and Riesel problems counted the number of primes found in intervals f_m: 2^m <= n < 2^(m+1). See:

We just completed phase 14, by testing all of our candidates past n=32768. By my count, we have 275 k values (mostly Riesels) to test up to n=65536, before we complete f15.

Anyone want to conjecture how long it will take us? Anyone want to help? There's a lot of low-hanging fruit around here...
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Probably we should think about doing it by 'n' instead of doing it by the 'k' -- like SOB, RieselSieve, PSP, etc.
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I did some testing and came up with the following distribution for the Sierpinski numbers:

F0: 15961
F1: 20145
F2: 17679
F3: 11551
F4: 6436
F5: 3399
F6: 1861
F7: 1082
F8: 612
F9: 377
F10: 274
F11: 189
F12: 131
F13: 67
F14: 48
F15: 53
F16: 16
F17: 4

These are the number of k values that have their first prime in the F_n interval. Note, F15-F17 are not complete yet.

I'm going to try to come up with the corresponding Riesel distribution. Any doublechecks would be appreciated.
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