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Default Linux Startup

Hello, I have access to a couple of dual processor AMD Linux boxes with 4 gigs of ram each. Two questions, 1, what is the ideal work type to put these machines on, and 2, how do I set up the clients to run automatically? I added the following to rc.local is this right?

cd /usr/mprime ; ./mprime -A0
cd /usr/mprime ; ./mprime -A1

Are these the right settings to prevent screen output?

Ideally I'd like it to do only P-1 testing but there is no easy option for this?


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Prime Monster
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Have a look at this thread:

You are right about the using the A0 & A1 parameters to specify different clients.

Optimal type of work for those CPUs is probably double-checking, first time primality test or factoring work.

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In the Mersenne Digest V1 #791, there was a posting about running mprime as a system daemon. It's for Debian Linux, but could maybe be adapted to other distributions.

A followup posting in Mersenne Digest V1 #792 points out that a Debian package "prime-net" already exists.

It might be nice if we could package mprime as a RedHat RPM or a package for SuSE... already written to start up as a daemon (equivalent of a service under Windows XP). At least cover those two major distributions. Unfortunately I don't really have the expertise to do this.
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I would suggest first time primality test as the ideal work type for this kind of machines, because they are damn fast and first time tests take so long time on slower machines.
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There is a tool called "Alien" that can convert RedHat .rpm and Slack .tgz packages to Debian .deb packages... Maybe it can convert in the other direction?

I contacted the Debian Mprime maintainer a few months ago about possibly updating and maintaining his package, but Debian makes it very difficult to become a package maintainer and I had nobody to "Elmer" me...
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