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Default How to lower cpu usage?


i just installed gimps and it said it uses the energy of a small lamp. But actually my CPU is running on 50%
and the fan is very loud. How can i change that?
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Welcome to the forum and GIMPS.

Prime95 is designed to use all of you CPU capacity (the 50% is just the machine pretending it has more CPU than it does [hyperthreading].)

Prime95 does have a setting that you can use to reduce the amount of time it uses the CPU. Here is the section about it in the undoc.txt file that comes with Prime95
If you are running on a laptop or in a hot room and you want to slow the
program down to reduce heat, then you can add this line to prime.txt:
where n is the percentage of time the program should run.  For example,
Throttle=40 means the program will run 40% and be idle 60% of the time.
Hope that can get the noise down some. Also, if this is an older machine, consider opening the case and cleaning out any dust.
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If you have interest/experience in underclocking and undervolting, this might give you a larger decrease in power usage than in throughput. You might even be able to keep your throughput and lower the power usage somewhat. But be warned, this may cause instabilities and/or errorneous calculation results!
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Better than Throttle=n is to reduce the number of worker windows and/or the number of cores used by each worker. This can be done from Test/Worker Windows dialog box. Though, undervolting and underclocking is the best solution.

Welcome to the forum!
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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Better than Throttle=n is to reduce the number of worker windows and/or the number of cores used by each worker.

Hey thank you, that fixed it!
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