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If you can run linux, use cado-nfs. Everything is automated, you simply invoke " {input number}" and wait / watch. The job will run faster if you first fetch the updated parameters files from the Cado-nfs forum here. I recommend 16GB ram if you use CADO for your desired factorization; 8GB might work, but might not be enough.

If all you have is windows, YAFU is the way to go- it controls msieve and ggnfs to manage the entire job too.

Whatever you use, run a small job like 100-110 digits first, to learn what is supposed to happen. It'll take maybe an hour, depending on how fast your machine is. Time to factor doubles every 5-5.5 digits, so a C154 will take about 4x as long as a C143; around 70 times longer than a C120. I'd run a second job in the 120-130 digit range before I tried C150+.
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If you have windows it is possible to get CADO working on WSL2 although this requires fixing a few broken links.
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Once you factor the number, could you please publish the factors? I'm curious as to which number it is.
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Originally Posted by Lessiv View Post
I do not hide my identity, it's like a race - a game, who will understand one software mechanism faster.
It is just necessary that this number is NOT in the public domain, so that other participants do not use it
Fair enough. In that case I will not offer to factor it for you. It would not be fair on the other competitors.

Good luck!
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And are you sure it is a product of only 2 factors? cause you know.. if it is not it can ( low prob) be factored by ECM.
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Originally Posted by Lessiv View Post
Sorry, but here I do not understand - why should I waste precious time. Of course, I will run a small number, just to check that everything is set up as it should and then skip the factoring of the Real number.
To get the feeling of how it goes, and to learn something in the process. And to gain the patience... For example my computer(s), anything between 6 cores and 18 cores, can factor a 100 digits number in minutes, but the time doubles with every 4-5-6 digits, depending on the number and on the system. So, a 154 digits can take anything between few days and few weeks.
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If you use yafu, make sure it will not attempt ECM! As already mentioned it's useless for your number since there will be no small factors. You can do that by invoking yafu factor(12345) -noecm -threads n where n is the number of threads.
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You can also do "yafu nfs(number) -threads n".

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The suggestion to practice on smaller numbers first is very good. No sense in wasting weeks on a large number only to discover your configuration is wrong and it fails.

Here are some numbers you can use to practice:
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I ran msieve and ggnfs and looked for 100 digit number
My computer (i9) found it in 12 minutes.
I have a question: how to run along with the processor and CUDA?
I think it will be even faster.

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Only the first step (polynomial selection) is cuda-enabled.
If you use a version of msieve compiled for CUDA, it will automatically use the GPU for that step.
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