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Dec 2010
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Default my favorite numbers

Hi all,

Lets look at the number 21 \(has prime factorization as 3*7\). That is significant to me.

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It's half of 42, the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy). Also, it's the number of 0s in the decimal expansion of 1 sextillion (short scale), as well as the required age to drink alcohol in Ohio.
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If I May
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The number two is my personal favorite.

Why? Because it is the minimal number of symbols needed to encode a message.

64-QAM (et al) /can/ be more spectrally efficient. But, sometimes, there's simply too much noise in the layer zero...
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I won't say that this is my favorite number, but it definitely deserves attention.'s_number

But I definitely prefer transcendental numbers more. And even maybe they are all my favorites.
They express a deep philosophy of greater value of the Path in relation to the Goal. More precisely, they generally devalue the Goal at all.
For the goal is a product of the mind, and the mind is finite.
The goal is the prerogative of the mind. And the Path is the prerogative of the heart.
It seems to me that the mind should serve the heart, and not vice versa.

The mind is just a gadget. If you will, this is a watchman, attached to the body so that it does not stick its fingers into an electrical outlet.
What can a watchman know about eternity?

Anything that has an end and / or can be absolutely accurately expressed in a finite time does not make sense.

Sometimes it seems to me that each of us is a transcendental number. And we fold into a spatial mosaic, forming a field along which waves sweep.

I didn't smoke anything, by the way. I'm just in a contemplative mood.

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