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Default Custom Prime settings for single core stress testing?

I'm writing a stress test script that can be used to stress test the single core stability for Ryzen's boost functionality (i.e. Precision Boost Overdrive in conjunction with Curve Optimizer, but theoretically it should also work for Intel CPUs and their turbo boost functionality, although I have no way of testing that myself).

Prime95 is still the best stress test program I was able to find for this, but I'm not 100% sure about the settings I'm using. I might not have fully understood all of them or maybe forgot something important.
The way the stress test works (or at least should work) is to only stress test one core at any time, and either use one or two threads of this core, depending on the user's choice.
So far it seems to work pretty well, but maybe there are still ways to improve the settings. Cheers!


NumCPUs=1                   # Testing only 1 core at a time
CoresPerTest=1              # Testing only 1 core at a time
CpuNumHyperthreads=1 or 2   # The number of threads selected to test (1 or 2)
WorkerThreads=1 or 2        # The number of threads selected to test (1 or 2)
CpuSupportsSSE=1            # Always 1
CpuSupportsSSE2=1           # Always 1
CpuSupportsAVX=0 or 1       # Set to 1 if AVX mode is enabled
CpuSupportsAVX2=0 or 1      # Set to 1 if AVX2 mode is enabled
CpuSupportsFMA3=0 or 1      # Set to 1 if AVX2 mode is enabled

TortureMem=0                    # No memory testing ("In-Place")
TortureTime=1                   # 1 minute per FFT size
MinTortureFFT=x                 # The minimum FFT size to test
MaxTortureFFT=y                 # The maximum FFT size to test
TortureWeak=z                   # Calculate the value according to the function found in the source code, seems to work just fine
V24OptionsConverted=1           # Flag that the options were already converted from an older version (v24)
V30OptionsConverted=1           # Flag that the options were already converted from an older version (v29)
ExitOnX=1                       # No minimizing to the tray on close (x)
ResultsFileTimestampInterval=60 # Write to the results.txt every 60 seconds
EnableSetAffinity=0             # Don't let Prime automatically assign the CPU affinty, we're doing this on our own
EnableSetPriority=0             # Don't let Prime automatically assign the CPU priority, we're setting it to "High"
StressTester=1                  # Only use stress testing
UsePrimenet=0                   # Don't use PrimeNet
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