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Default Games Crashing/Hanging

Okay guys got a new setup, as follows :

Pentium4 3.20ghz
GeForce 6800GT 256mb
PSU 400
Intel 875p Neo series motherboard(ms-6758)

When playing games most of them crash, freeze then give me a blue screen of just go off, after a nice exclamation souund ! hmmmmm

i have been told various things such as try a bigger psu run various mem test, havent done this cause i need advice on what apps to use, i tried updating various gfx drivers direct x and nothing works , soo anyhelp would be great
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Run prime95 torture test for a few hours. If it fails then you probably have a memory, CPU, power supply, or motherboard problem. If it works, I'd guess a video card problem.

If prime95 fails then run memtst86 and/or rerun torture test with slower memory timings.

This is just a start. Isolating the true problem can be difficult
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