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Default CPU cooling system recommendation

In testing some overclocking scenarios for a Quad 9550, I am noticing that my CPU temp is going up quite a bit. At normal speed (2.83 MHz) the temp doesn't go beyond 58C, but when overclocked to 3.20 MHz and voltage increased to 1.35v, it easily goes above 70C. Do you have any recommendations for a cooling system that could bring the temp down to the 50's?

Thanks for your help.
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Two years ago, Tuniq Tower used to be a praised cooler (still not bad), these days there's many to choose from. Something with a "core-contact" (or HDT), like a S1283 and its clones (there are many). Check the dimensions of any cooler before buying. Read reviews on Tom's hardware site or similar.
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I find the arctic cooling freezer 7 is cheap and works well for me. If you want to spend more for a bit more cooling power the zalman 9xxx series seems to be popular.
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One comparative review : Overclocking On Air: 10 LGA 1156-Compatible Performance Coolers from tom's Hardware.


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After some research, I ended up with HDT S1283 with a higher performing fan. The CPU temp is now running about 15C lower at 100% load. Well worth the added investment.

Thanks for your replies.
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