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Default Fractional Calculus


This is of course the n'th derivative function for x^a. Now do you see why I wanted the previous two problems solved? ;)

It should be very clear if you read the previous two topics that I want not only solutions for non-negative integer values of 'n' but also for non-negative real values. The idea is to extend my calculus tools' abilities.

Note 1: Not all f(x) with f'(x) has more than the whole number solutions? I'll have to do more research before I can say that definitively!
Note 2: I originally called this 'recursive derivatives' because of the frist paragraph but found references to 'fractional calculus' at Wikipedia. This matches the overall post.
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specifically, I think this is what you want (where \alpha is your n)
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Holy calculators Batman - someone actually replied! ;)
Yeah, that's another good article on Wikipedia for this subject. 'Fractional calculus' is kind of a misnomer since real values are allowed as well.

I was working from the derivative point of view, but according to those articles the derivatives are sometimes actually worse than integrals.
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