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Default Certification?

Around 45 minutes ago of making this, i got an assignment for certification of M11267777. Can someone tell me what certification is?

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There is a way that PRP test can be run and then proven to be correct and have error free results. To prove that is correct, while the PRP test is being run, values are being used to build a 'proof file.' That gets uploaded to the PrimeNet server. The server does a little bit of work (this prevents people from causing issues by faking things) Then the server send out a Certification assignment. The computer that gets it does further work on the proof file. If the numbers all work out, the answer is known to be correct and error free. That is what a certification assignment does. It saves us from having to do a whole double check to prove the answers are correct. It is a big breakthrough.

All of the 'extra' work by all machines is a small fraction of what a double check would require. Once we get the double checks up to the 100,000,000 range double checks will almost be a thing of the past.

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Use the reference info.
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