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Default Project where the goal is to get the highest Prime Pages score.

I already suggested this at my team's forum, nobody was interested, so I'm coming here, hoping for a better response.

I guess the closest this project comes to any other project would be the 15k project, which I guess could be opened up again if you guys like my idea.

I would like to be in a project, and possibly on a team, where the goal is to get the highest Prime Pages score possible. I've been told that, for LLR, using k's from 1 to 31 doesn't slow it down a great deal, so we'd focus on the k's that haven't been scanned a lot yet.

I know I'm not much of a cheerleader and this post is about as dry as week-old toast, but if any of you, even specific teams other than Free-DC, which I've been loyal to for about a year and a half, would be interested in this project, please post.

I'm not looking to be a leader for this possible project, I just want to be on a team that wants to get a high Prime Pages score.

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Default show three categories for "the highest sore" :

The Prover-Account Top 20
Persons by: number score normalized score
Programs by: number score normalized score
Projects by: number score normalized score

By score you are going to find it extremely hard to beat GIMPS it's 70-80 thousand computers

So I guses you mean by "number of primes". This is a hard task because you find smaller primes quickly but those primes will be falling out of the top5000 as the tide rises. Reisel Prime Search or PIES is your best bet for "by number of primes" records.

Small k as in "k*2^n-1" are quicker to number crunch -- all relative densities taken into account. The 321 project uses 3 which is quiet dense, ie, lots of candidates (5.75% left after sieving optimally) but with hopefully a greater density of primes. But even so it is quite hard to find them. Maybe you should do a couple of 321 files for the project. You will have to have patience because a single core at 3GHz+ will take ten days. If you find a prime it will be 13th largest in the world ( until it is beaten...). Okay it's not #1. But 321 to GIMPS is as pygmy is to a giant.

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Actually, Mr. Underwood(because of Internet anonymity, I'd rather be too respectful than not respectful enough) I'm not exactly trying to beat GIMPS in terms of score. But it would be nice to have, say, 50 computers on my now imaginary project, and have them do better than GIMPS after size is factored in.

Actually, I haven't studied the issue. There may already be plenty of projects doing better than GIMPS relative to size.

I'll look into 321. thanks
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Why not join RPS project then? We already have two megabit primes and "the third RPS drive" concentrates on several low-weight k's and will take them till n=2000000. You may also try going with some low-weight k on your own, some people have reached n=4000000 with their ks

As far as score is concerned RPS is ranked 8-th (321 is 9-th so far)
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Mar 2005

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I'll check it out. At the moment, though, I have two ranges from base-5 sieving with about 60 hours left on each of them. You might see me in a couple of days.
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