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Default First Post - Am i doing things rights?

Hi im newbie on this. Im not sure what im doing. i was trying to use a program i just bought and i was getting some trouble installing it on my computer. The program developer told me to check if my computer was stable and he said that the problem might be on my computer. So now after creating an account on GIMPS and following this video: im trying to run a test to check if my computer is stable.

Can u guys please tell me if im doing it right? What should i expect? How long should it takes? Can i use my computer while the test is running? Can i cancel the test anytime?

Thanks in advance for ur help and sorry if my post isnt correct.

I will leave here a gyazo mod: attachment to show u what im doing.
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Finally i found what i want. I think i want to run a torture test to find if my system is stable or not.
After i started in on "blend" with default configurations.

I got already 2 errors in less than 10minutes, what does it means? How can i fix the errors and get good results a make my computer stable?

Sorry if my questions doesnt make sense lol.
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There are some inaccuracies in that youtube video.

Hyperthreading should not usually be used in primality testing; performance is usually better without employing the additional threads in prime95 / mprime.

Prime95 includes disclosure of cpu type, number of cores, whether hyperthreading is available, instructions supported, cache sizes etc. Options, CPU...

Two errors in under 10 minutes is a serious issue. Run it for a duration long enough to give a good measure of baseline (un)reliability. Log error rate versus test conditions. Check temperatures including cpu, ram, and room ambient, fan operation, etc. If overclocked/undervolted, start by undoing that and retesting at stock settings. If it fails there too, you have cause to return the hardware for refund or repair as defective. Some hardware is unreliable in prime95 or gpuowl even at stock clocks and can show lower error rate at significant underclock. Whether you tolerate that or return it is up to you. Properly functioning hardware can run prime95 for days or weeks without a single error detected by the tremendously robust GEC (Gerbicz error check) during a PRP test. (I have a single test on an ECC-equipped dual Xeon system that's >87% through a ~100-day LLDC run and still matching the previous run's interim res64 values...)

For more GIMPS computing background, see the GIMPS reference info at

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What RAM kits do you use? Test each RAM module individually. I have found that it is often just the memory and the CPU is actually okay.
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Welcome to Mersenne Forum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best of luck.
It can be fun.
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