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Default Team and personal stats


I spent quite a lot of time trying to find the answer to this and waited patiently to see if the issues would self resolve. Please forgive if this has been asked before.

I signed up a couple weeks ago and the stats seemed to work fine. Be as time goes on it seems like my stats continue to downgrade even after I added a whole new system to my CPU list. I imagine it is likely that others are just out performing me and that is fine. I just want to make sure that is it.

On my detail the page, the fancy CPU meter dashboard graphics never show anything over 0%.

Also, I created a team cause I thought it might be fun. But days later the team still shows no CPU time at all. I guess I expected it to show the same time as me (after I created it).

Once again, none of this really maters, but it would be good to know that the energy being expended is making even the smallest of a difference.

Thanks :)
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Your % at 0. This means it is likely that you are doing LL's or LL-D. These test take quite a while ~3 weeks. Until it is complete, your machine can't report a result. When it does, your % will jump up way over 100%.

LL tests only can be counted at the very end. All of the work goes into producing a "prime" or "not prime" answer. Until the last step, nothing can be known about the answer (like Schrödinger's cat).

So, no worries. If the program on your machine is showing progress when you open the window, all's well.

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Yes, I am doing LL. I appreciate your response. I feel better knowing all is well.

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You should be able to check the progress on each individual test here.
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