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Default Problems running ECM on 2 workers


I'm running 2 times the same batch with ECM curves on both workers like:
[Worker #1]
[Worker #2]
Yesterday I interrupted prime95 while running this curves to add more batches of work for the night. Worker#1 was at curve 28 when I stopped it, Worker#2 was at curve 29 (~5%). After restarting prime95 both workers began with curve 29 at 5% and the same sigma. I think both workers stored their data in the same file on the HD, overwriting the data of the first worker.
With prime95 v24.14 (atm I'm using v25.8b5) I never had this problem as it used 2 instances and 2 different folders on the HD. Curve 30 had different sigmas again for the both workers. Then prime95 reportet 2 times '30 curves done' to the server. Indeed curve 28 of Worker#1 was not calculatet and curve 29 was calculatet twice. This could be used for another kind of the 'cheesehead-bug': Interrupt Worker#1 at curve 1 and Worker#2 at curve 30. Restart both workers at curve 30 and report 2 times 30 curves done...
I don't know how to solve this problem. I will try to run ECM on different exponents, but it is a strength of ECM to be parallelizeable and sometimes it is needed.

best regards,

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