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Old 2005-01-31, 17:42   #298
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Apr 2004

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Default 91 riesel

91 is completed from 210000 to 300000, & prime for 245989!


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Old 2005-02-04, 01:32   #299
Nov 2004

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Default Speaking of 91...

Number 91 on the top 5000 is now 9*2^828709-1, which was proven prime earlier today!

The k=9 search had been primeless for 6 months.

Other recent finds:
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Old 2005-02-05, 08:24   #300
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Nov 2003

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Congrats on a big, top-100 prime!
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Old 2005-02-05, 19:35   #301
May 2004

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k=231 checked through n=310000 and is prime for

Tests on 237 and 241 going on ...

EDIT: I stop 231 at n=310k

EDIT2: Attached is the sieve file with the numbers not tested yet to n=500k for k=231
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File Type: txt knpairs.txt (83.0 KB, 111 views)

Last fiddled with by Keller on 2005-02-05 at 19:40
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Old 2005-02-13, 14:34   #302
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Nov 2003

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Default Recent Progress

Recently found primes and achieved limits are given below.

k=55: 397941 [400000]
k=71: 735802 prover's code L97 [736000]
k=79: 369535 [370000]
k=89: 369628 [380000]
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Old 2005-02-13, 14:42   #303
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Nov 2003

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Is anybody interested in working on k=231 using pre-sieved values kindly provided by Keller above? If so, please announce your intentions in this thread. And please report primes (if any) by including "15k Search" in your prover's code.
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Old 2005-02-14, 00:33   #304
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Nov 2004

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I'll take up the k=231 values and report back.
(looks like n goes up to 400k and not 500k.
I'll finish LLR up to 400k and sieve if it's still promising).

Last fiddled with by lsoule on 2005-02-14 at 00:41
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Old 2005-02-15, 13:47   #305
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Nov 2004

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Found a prime with 231:

k=231: 345183 [complete to 318k]
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Old 2005-02-15, 18:17   #306
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Feb 2003

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Default k=75

Seems as if no one is currently looking at k=75 (formerly tested by keller up to n=250000).
So, I'll take it a bit higher. Please let me know, if someone else has already choosen that k.

-- Thomas11

By the way: k=29 is tested through n=1.2M now!
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Old 2005-02-22, 02:25   #307
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Nov 2004

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231*2^369583-1 is prime

231 is now complete to 400k and continuing.

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Old 2005-02-28, 13:45   #308
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Jun 2003
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Default Nice big one

Here is a note from Chris Caldwell's list:

220a 15*2^568780-1 171222 L52 2005

That is my second big prime from k=15 and my largest yet!


Robert Smith
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