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Default Larrabee instruction set announced

is the manual for a C++ implementation of the intrinsics which Larrabee will have. It looks pretty comprehensive, and madder than a large and well-shaken bag of hamsters: you get a free swizzle with each register-register instruction

_MM_SWIZZLE_ENUM – Constants for register swizzle
_MM_SWIZ_REG_DCBA             No swizzle (PONM LKJI HGFE DCBA)
_MM_SWIZ_REG_CDAB             Swap pairs (OPMN KLIJ GHEF CDAB)
_MM_SWIZ_REG_BADC             Swap with two-away (NMPO JILK FEHG BADC)
_MM_SWIZ_REG_AAAA             Broadcast element A (MMMM IIII EEEE AAAA)
_MM_SWIZ_REG_BBBB             Broadcast element B (NNNN JJJJ FFFF BBBB)
_MM_SWIZ_REG_CCCC             Broadcast element C (OOOO KKKK GGGG CCCC)
_MM_SWIZ_REG_DDDD             Broadcast element D (PPPP LLLL HHHH DDDD)
_MM_SWIZ_REG_DACB             Cross-product (PMON LIKJ HEGF DACB)
and a free zero-extend-and-swizzle with each integer or FP load.
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