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Default PRP testing - information and reservations

PRP first time testing is now complete and this thread is closed! Thanks everyone for a fun project! All ongoing work is being carried on in the double-checking and probable primes threads.

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Default Archive of completed reservation ranges

0.00-1.41M philmoore
1.41-1.42M mdettweiler
1.42-1.55M paleseptember
1.55-1.56M kar bon
1.56-1.64M paleseptember
1.64-1.66M philmoore
1.66-1.67M jrk
1.67-1.80M paleseptember
1.80-1.81M geoff
1.81-1.89M paleseptember
1.89-1.90M philmoore
1.90-2.02M paleseptember
2.02-2.03M geoff
2.03-2.06M engracio
2.06-2.08M paleseptember
2.08-2.10M engracio
2.10-2.11M jrk
2.11-2.13M engracio
2.13-2.25M paleseptember
2.25-2.30M engracio
2.30-2.31M philmoore
2.31-2.40M engracio
2.40-2.50M Batalov
2.50-2.54M engracio
2.54-2.55M philmoore
2.55-2.59M paleseptember
2.59-2.70M engracio
2.70-2.74M paleseptember
2.74-2.80M engracio
2.80-2.88M Batalov
2.88-3.00M engracio
3.00-3.06M Jeff Gilchrist
3.06-3.10M paleseptember
3.10-3.13M Jeff Gilchrist
3.13-3.14M philmoore
3.14-3.20M engracio
3.20-3.23M Jeff Gilchrist
3.23-3.27M paleseptember
3.27-3.37M engracio
3.37-3.41M Jeff Gilchrist
3.41-3.42M philmoore
3.42-3.52M engracio
3.52-3.56M paleseptember
3.56-3.59M Jeff Gilchrist
3.59-3.70M engracio
3.70-3.71M philmoore
3.71-3.75M Jeff Gilchrist
3.75-3.76M Batalov
3.76-3.87M engracio
3.87-3.91M paleseptember
3.91-3.93M Jeff Gilchrist
3.93-3.94M philmoore
3.94-3.95M Batalov
3.95-3.96M unconnected
3.96-4.06M engracio
4.06-4.07M Jeff Gilchrist
4.07-4.08M Batalov
4.08-4.10M Jeff Gilchrist
4.10-4.11M philmoore
4.11-4.21M engracio
4.21-4.22M Batalov
4.22-4.23M Jeff Gilchrist
4.23-4.24M geoff
4.24-4.28M paleseptember
4.28-4.38M engracio
4.38-4.39M Jeff Gilchrist
4.39-4.40M philmoore
4.40-4.41M Batalov
4.41-4.43M Jeff Gilchrist
4.43-4.50M engracio
4.50-4.51M Batalov
4.51-4.53M geoff
4.53-4.55M Jeff Gilchrist
4.55-4.56M Batalov
4.56-4.60M paleseptember
4.60-4.65M engracio
4.65-4.66M philmoore
4.66-4.67M Jeff Gilchrist
4.67-4.80M engracio
4.80-4.81M Mini-Geek
4.81-4.82M Jeff Gilchrist
4.82-4.85M Batalov
4.85-4.95M engracio
4.95-4.97M Jeff Gilchrist
4.97-5.00M paleseptember
5.00-5.01M Batalov
5.01-5.08M engracio
5.08-5.10M Jeff Gilchrist
5.10-5.15M engracio
5.15-5.16M Jeff Gilchrist
5.16-5.31M engracio
5.31-5.35M Batalov
5.35-5.37M enderak
5.37-5.38M Jeff Gilchrist
5.38-5.39M geoff
5.39-5.40M philmoore
5.40-5.44M paleseptember
5.44-5.46M Jeff Gilchrist
5.46-5.56M engracio
5.56-5.57M philmoore
5.57-5.59M Batalov
5.59-5.61M Jeff Gilchrist
5.61-5.71M engracio
5.71-5.72M Jeff Gilchrist
5.72-5.78M paleseptember
5.78-5.79M philmoore
5.79-5.81M Jeff Gilchrist
5.81-5.91M engracio
5.91-5.94M Batalov
5.94-5.95M enderak
5.95-5.96M Robert_47
5.96-6.00M enderak
6.00-6.06M Jeff Gilchrist
6.06-6.07M philmoore
6.07-6.17M engracio
6.17-6.18M unconnected
6.18-6.20M Batalov
6.20-6.21M geoff
6.21-6.41M engracio
6.41-6.42M Kman1293
6.42-6.43M unconnected
6.43-6.47M Jeff Gilchrist
6.47-6.48M philmoore
6.48-6.52M enderak
6.52-6.55M paleseptember
6.55-6.69M engracio
6.69-6.72M geoff
6.72-6.78M enderak
6.78-6.96M engracio
6.96-6.97M philmoore
6.97-7.01M Jeff Gilchrist
7.01-7.04M geoff
7.04-7.20M engracio
7.20-7.22M enderak
7.22-7.26M Jeff Gilchrist
7.26-7.27M NBtarheel_33
7.27-7.37M engracio
7.37-7.41M Jeff Gilchrist
7.41-7.43M enderak
7.43-7.45M paleseptember
7.45-7.46M philmoore
7.46-7.47M enderak
7.47-7.57M engracio
7.57-7.59M Jeff Gilchrist
7.59-7.60M enderak
7.60-7.64M Jeff Gilchrist
7.64-7.74M engracio
7.74-7.80M enderak
7.80-7.81M philmoore
7.81-8.00M engracio
8.00-8.01M unconnected
8.01-8.05M Jeff Gilchrist
8.05-8.06M geoff
8.06-8.09M Jeff Gilchrist
8.09-8.15M enderak
8.15-8.30M engracio
8.30-8.31M Jeff Gilchrist
8.31-8.32M philmoore
8.32-8.36M Batalov
8.36-8.37M akruppa
8.37-8.38M enderak
8.38-8.40M unconnected
8.40-8.45M Jeff Gilchrist
8.45-8.47M paleseptember
8.47-8.51M Jeff Gilchrist
8.51-8.61M engracio
8.61-8.64M Jeff Gilchrist
8.64-8.65M enderak
8.65-8.70M Jeff Gilchrist
8.70-8.80M engracio
8.80-8.81M Batalov
8.81-8.83M enderak
8.83-8.86M Jeff Gilchrist
8.86-8.88M Batalov
8.88-8.92M Jeff Gilchrist
8.92-8.97M engracio
8.97-9.00M enderak
9.00-9.01M philmoore and paleseptember
9.01-9.02M Jeff Gilchrist
9.02-9.092392M engracio

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8.37-8.38M Complete!
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