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Default Memory usage of various factoring projects...

A little under a year ago I ran a few crazy ECM curves on a box with 1GB of memory...

This year I have "graduated" to a 2GB box and I'm wondering if there is a factoring project that can make use of this additional memory... If not I suppose I'll try P-1 factoring or maybe some more ECM curves... (The ECM stuff was a lot of fun!) Any suggestions?
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Axel Fox
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Well, trial factoring doesn't use a lot of memory, so with that you can't take advantage of your 2GB.

P-1 and ECM benefit from it, cause they can be run with higher bounds, but I guess you're asking for something else now.

A lot of memory also allows a larger Sieve or Erathostenes, but even a sieve like that wouldn't come close to the current highest primes.

Don't know anything about NFS (Number Field Sieve), so you might check out something like that.
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A really large amount of memory doesn't really help all that much in the sieving phase of NFS. The inner sieving loop is divided into three levels.
The outermost loop will cover the entire sieving range (perhaps 150M).
It is done in a few passes over the amount that is stored in real memory (perhaps 50M) and that, in turn is done in sub-passes which can stay in the cache. The additional overhead in jumping from one memory pass to the next is not all that great. By keeping the entire range in real memory and doing it in one pass, you would save only a small amount (perhaps 1%). The cache size is much more significant.

We try to keep the footprint managable so that the siever can be run all the time without having significant effect on other uses of the machine. Thus, having plenty of RAM, I leave the siever running continuously in my development machines that are not being used for debug/testing. (Compile machines, this laptop, etc.) When I do something like a compile or posting this message, the only effect that I notice is that the siever stops for that time and resumes when the other task completes.

Now, the additional memory is quite valuable in the post-processing filtering. There, the initial passes need to store all the relations in memory.
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The second stage of P-1 really comes to mind.
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