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Default Help using .ini files only in v24

I have a dual-core machine away from home running two instances of Prime95 that is using the "No Icon" option to keep nosy people at bay.

I know you are supposed to be able to get the sessions to appear with a little fiddling but I am hoping to avoid that as much as possible by using the ini files instead. Sometimes they seem to take effect and sometimes not.

For example, I want to change the assignment type from 10M digit to factoring. I know that in prime.ini 10M is WorkPreference=16 and factoring is =1. When I change the option using the menu the ini files changes immediately but when I change the ini file directly and save it does NOT change the menu check box immediately ... not sure if it ever does. One test I did the menu changed about 3 days later but in another test it was unchanged a week later.

Should this work?
Am I just doing it wrong?
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Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
Should this work?
Am I just doing it wrong?
It does work when you do it correctly:

1) stop the program
2) edit the .ini file
3) start the program

services.msc control applet has under "Actions" an option to "Connect to another computer" so it covers 1) and 3). The editing you can do with "net use" to access the remote drive and "notepad" to edit the file.

Again, it works for me.
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