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Gabe Brown

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Default Run Benchmark Test using Command Line Only?

I want to run the benchmark testing using the command line only and then have the process exit. I'll use the process start/stop times to calculate how long it took the host to complete the test. Is this something possible with the Windows implementation?
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Except the three command line commands doccumented in the readme.txt file, I did not find any other commandline arguments in the sources. So the answer is NO as far as I can tell.

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You could use "expect" to go automatically through the interactive mprime menu.

# Record an expect script "script.exp"
autoexpect -p ./mprime -m
<do something with mprime menu>

# run the expect script

You might need to modify script.exp a little to handle non deterministic output from mprime.

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Originally Posted by rudi_m View Post
You could use "expect" to go automatically through the interactive mprime menu.
Note that this assumes Linux and mprime, not Windows and Prime95. AFAIK there is no Windows implementation that allows any command line interaction, let alone an automated benchmark+exit.
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