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Default command line switch

I know I can use the -t command line switch to automatically run the torture test, but is it possible to specify the type of torture test to run? I'd like to run the In-place Large FFT test, but I'm not certain if the -t switch selects that or something else
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There is some information in undoc.txt that might be helpful. Although I didn't try it myself.
You can control which FFT sizes are tested by the torture test. In prime.ini
you can set:
Where n and m are in "K". The default for n and m is 8 and 1024 which will
run tests on FFT sizes rom 8K to 1024K. Set n to 8 and m to 16 and you will
run only small FFT sizes. These FFTs will fit in the L2 cache and may be
more stressful to the CPU.

You can control how many minutes each FFT size is tested by the torture test.
In prime.ini set:
The default value is 15 minutes.

You can control how much memory the torture test uses. In prime.ini set:
The default value is the larger of your daytime and nighttime memory settings.
If this is set to 8MB or less, then the torture test does FFTs in-place. This
may be more stressful but could miss memory errors that only occur at a
specific physical address.
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