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Default 474__203_5m1 factored

Originally Posted by richs View Post
Taking 474__203_5m1
p67 factor: 1548531997605527342770903037925345748142347538437169879504106104291
p95 factor: 59154726984983279511257220901181393699465210225109649932134436943086100432587102892527614820451
Approximately 12.0 hours (plus another 3 hours for two higher density attempts) on 6 threads of a Core i7-10510U with 12 GB memory for a 3.29M matrix at TD=110 (130 and 120 failed).

Redacted (relation errors removed from first two attempts to get file size with acceptable limits) log attached and at

Factors added to FDB.
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513__059_5m1 was factored:

p70 factor: 1022472044234730151081766839689162675135242025000841550924793529323731
 p91 factor: 3308455008576615332621377284791974019723046838866444169742947388473356459913547608933978291
TD 120 built a 3.14 M matrix which took 3h 48m 48 s to solve (TD 130 failed, didn't try intermediate densities). Log posted at and
I'll take 161__587_11m1 next.
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Default Releasing 161__587_11m1

I just noticed that the following name Jerod McClintock is beside 161__587_11m1 if this is reserved for "Jarod McClintock" please release it. I was only wanting the 29 bit numbers this is a 30 bit. Thanks.It looks as if Dylan14 has reserved this number looking at the post directly above mine

Corrected. And apologies for misspelling your name.

Last fiddled with by swellman on 2020-07-08 at 21:54 Reason: Added person name who wants to reserve
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Taking f88_127p1.
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Default f86_131m1 factored

p72 factor: 612173923922326581657019590247931006698799923871520013322540302361611037
p99 factor: 336981712877185696749015714085776391300089956153809064891954890065261593501016322435606029085191973
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f84_128p1 is factored:
p82 factor: 3750014435645851219459254960306953257318650027343054336757561710083126238929618433
p129 factor: 854732059550032122065546006244404112929051650774633051279891601866880023389029494167083608702247774609676705855297153935509459457
Log at

And f87_127m1 has built a matrix. About 62 hours remain.

And I'll take f17_202p1 for post processing. It may well take me that long to download the relations.

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Taking 9p8_590M.
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Taking 360__473_5m1 and 395__651_7m1.
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