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Default Tray icons and 'missing' files?

I’ve got two questions. Firstly, when you turn off the option to have a tray icon, does Prime95 still run? I’m assuming that it does because otherwise it would be pointless having an option for 'Start at Bootup' as well. However, I’m not sure because Prime95 does not appear in the 'close program' box (windows 98) anyway so I can’t check it that way.

My second problem may (or may not) be more serious. I saw somewhere on the forum that to move Prime95 from one PC to another i needed to copy the entire Prime95 folder across, especially files named pXNNNNN and qXNNNNN. I have a file beginning with p but not with q. Does it matter?

Thanks for any help in advance.
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Prime95 is still running without the tray icon. Try holding down the Alt key and pressing Tab to switch to it.

The qXNNNNN file exists only if you have Prime95 set to Create Two Backup Files, and the program has run long enough for it to have saved the backup files twice. If you want to copy Prime95 to another computer the qXNNNNN file does not have to be copied anyway, unless there is something wrong with the pXNNNNN file.

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