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Default Spam Alert (all over again)

Originally Posted by bao346 View Post

Spooky Hoops
Pick up all the pumpkins to gain some energy and then run into the basket zone to score a basket. Use ARROW KEYS to move and
hit SPACEBAR ro jump or score. Avoid poisonous snakes and the defensive skeletons. Have fun!

in > Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search > Math > Weird occurrence

and one more in > Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search > Math

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P90 years forever!
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I deleted the spam thread, but couldn't delete the post that was part of a real thread. Weird - I can edit his post (and did so) - but I don't have the power to delete the post.

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I deleted bao346's posts and banned that user - no idea why you weren't able to delete, George - suggest you take it up with Xyzzy.
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Default One More

Thread: Fun Stuff > Lounge > Samsung HP-R4252 Television cost $500USD
Originally Posted by terryltd View Post
Company names - TERRY ACE LIMITED
And he is going on in different threads all over the place.

Last fiddled with by akruppa on 2006-11-04 at 12:03 Reason: Quoted spam reduced
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I think it would be better if you did not quote the spammers text
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You are probably right.
In the mean time I phoned the person in question, threatening unspecified action if he did not stop immediately. It seemed to work.
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On a lighter side, it says on the status bar that there are 41 users, and the breakdown is:

Originally Posted by status bar
11 members and 30 guests/spambots/spiders/terrorists
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I am against the terrorist tag on the not logged on people.
A conspiration of I don't know whom, or perhaps it is not even a conspiration, which makes it even more suspicious, wants to make us believe that terrorists are the most threatful thread to civilisation, humanity, mankind, and the whole universe.
In the same time, terrorists have way less impact, and we are speaking of some dimensions in the decimal system, on everybodys life than, say, thunderbolts.
(Except the people who get their paycheck for making us believe that terrorists etc. For those, the terrorists may have some significance.)
And, OK, for the records of the compassionate morons, those who get killed by terrorist acts, but that's what I am saying, those are an unsignificant, infinitesimal fraction of the whole population. It is just this kind of a posteriori view is what leads to the misconception of the dangers that are treatening us.

Well, what I want to say, I would prefer not to see mersenneforum as one voice in the unholy choir of those who shout terrorist at every corner.

Or did I just not get the subtle irony in the calling terrorist who are normally referred to as guests? I get it; but I think that suspecting the guests to be spambots is a much more valable hypthesis than suspecting an muslim with beard and a gun in the hands to be a terrorist: I bet there are more muslim hunters than terrorists.
Hence, pronouncing both in the same breath gives more attention to the notion of terrorist, which helps, I underline, not those mythic terrorists, but those who make their money, and power, by selling the word.

Well, here I end; if anybody feels the need to turn this thread into a flamewar, I guarantee him that I won't reply, and ask the mods to move it to the soapbox.
Yours H.
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As I understand it, the "terrorists" bit is merely a sarcastic comment on the ongoing discussion. As you point out, the word "terrorist" is overused so much that it lost most of its meaning, especially in political flamewars. "If your party wins the election, the terrorists will have won!!!" etc. Given how everything and everyone is a terrorist threat these days, I guess everyone qualifies... so I, for one, welcome our guests, bots, spiders, spammer or terrorists, whatever ye may be.


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