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Dec 2003

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Default How to delete primes / account

Hi, some questions:

- How can I cancel/delete an account completely?

- I have lost a result of the current prime due to trouble on client box. How do I delete this prime from my account? If I restart mprime, I get new prime and old one stay unfinished in account.

- current linux version doesn't write progress in result file (maybe due to change of username?). If I restart mprime after reboot, it starts all over again from 0%. What can be wrong?
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Sep 2002

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You can recover a lost assignment ( at least get it reentered in your worktodo.ini file, hopefully mprime uses a worktodo.ini file to hold the assigned work. )

The work already done will be lost unless the p###### and/or q####### files are present.

Use the following link

Enter your PrimeNetUserID and Password in the entry spots

And it will give a list of the work assigned to you.

You can manually add them in worktodo.ini

Here is the format for each.

For Lucas-Lehmer (LL) exp,bits trial factored,P-1 factoring not done
LL with P-1 factoring done

For DoubleCheck (DC) exp,bits trial factored,P-1 factoring not done
DC with P-1 factoring done

For P-1 factoring (P-1) exp,bits trial factored,LL not done
P-1 factoring LL done

For Trial Factoring (TF) exp,bits previously trial factored
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Sep 2003

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You don't need to cancel or delete an account, you can just stop running the program. Any work you completed will remain credited to you.

Perhaps you want to cancel an account because you want to change the user ID or join a team? That's a different story.

If you tell us what your lost exponent is, we can tell you what to put in your worktodo.ini file to recover it.

Your mprime is probably doing a P-1 test, the message might make it seem like it's starting over from zero. But in the mprime directory, there will be a file called m....... (for example, mL031169) which is used when restarting, so probably you're not losing any work.
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Oct 2002
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mprime uses a worktodo.ini in the same format as Prime95 does.

I've had to swap exponents around between Linux and Windows boxes a few times, due to hardware failures.

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Dec 2003

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How do I see in my stat, if "P-1 factoring" is done or not?
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Nov 2003

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Originally posted by md5
How do I see in my stat, if "P-1 factoring" is done or not?
Two ways:
1) p-1 factoring gives you .001 P90 years factoring credit.
2) When p-1 factoring finishes, it adds 1 to the fact bits column for that exponent (second column of numbers.) If you can't tell if the number is one greater than normal, go to, and find how many bits your exponent is normally factored to. If it is one greater, p-1 has finished.

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