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Dec 2003

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Default OSX yet? new user here

I'm new to this and want to start using the program. Is there one for OSX yet?
I'm using a new power mac and want to see how this thing operates under a little load.
Anyone can help?
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Jun 2003
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I don't know about GIMPS, but NFSNET certainly runs on MacOSX. We can always use more help there.
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Dec 2003

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Default setting up dual cpu's

I'm having problems setting up my dual cpu. When i run nfsnetinit for the first time, it gets to the part where it wants to send tech info and tells me "A unique identifier for this computer is required and
will now be determined." Once it determines my hardware address, it says "Failed to open processors/config.txt for reading. Exiting...
[Process completed]"

anyone help?

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Oct 2002

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You can use GLucas application:

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Oct 2002
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GLucas is the only current option for doing Mersenne Prime work on a Mac of any type.

Prime95/MPrime are highly-optimised programs, and I don't think George has similar experience with the Mac line.
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Apr 2003
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Mlucas can also run on the Mac.

If your new Mac is a G5 and you know something about compilers, you can d/l the source to both Glucas and Mlucas and compile them for the G5 using xlc. (The available builds were compiled with gcc.) xlc is a free compiler from IBM and is supposed to be much better at optimizing code for the G5 than gcc. I'm certain that many people would like to see benchmarks for those programs on the G5 using the xlc compiler.

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Sep 2003

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Prime95 is mostly x86 assembler code (for Intel and related chips). It was written that way for highest speed. Unfortunately that means it won't run on Apple hardware.

There is another program called Glucas that will run on Apple hardware, but it's not yet fully integrated with PrimeNet. That means that assiging exponents and returning results is not automated, you'd have to do that part manually.
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