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Originally Posted by Andrew Usher View Post
It's not productive to argue about it here, though!
You're not letting that stop you, are you? See, when most folks decide something isn't worth arguing about, they don't argue about it. Getting the last word (well, post) in while concluding "this isn't worth arguing about" is the sort of thing immature bossy folks do when they're trying to make their last post the last word.

You keep posting without adding anything beyond word-salad defenses of your position. Until you resolve your belief that you're willing to be corrected with your exhibitions of "No, I was right, this is what I really meant even though I didn't say it that way, and here are all my assumptions that you should all share that explain why you should know that's what I meant" verbal gymnastics, I don't think you can contribute usefully to this forum.

Just stop. Stop posting for a few days- really, I mean it. Stop thinking you have to defend every post you make when others don't agree with you. Stop thinking you know better what we should do than we do. Show some humility. Or, I suppose, continue exasperating mods and regular users until someone gives you a time out.
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Andrew Usher
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I think you are doing the same thing at least as much. It seems you are continuing to try to prove me wrong about something on which there is no right or wrong, and which was never really important to begin with - the only reason I treated it as such is that others did in attacking me.

It's rarely productive to accuse others of being dishonest, especially when you don't have strong evidence; I admit I may have violated that in the heat of the argument, too. I'm not going to try to deny it [my alleged dishonesty] as I assume your mind is made up on that.

As for having the last word, if you can make a post without any further attacks on me, you can have it. I'm not playing games here.
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Originally Posted by Andrew Usher View Post
I think you are doing the same thing at least as much. It seems you are continuing to try to prove me wrong about something on which there is no right or wrong
Someone seems to be suffering short term memory loss. You have a habit of claiming others are objectively wrong, then getting quite defensive about it afterwards!

Originally Posted by Andrew Usher View Post
That is certainly wrong. Wikipedia actually does not make the pretentions to authority that traditional encyclopedias did; if anyone regards them as authoritative, it's for the same reason as any other source: namely, they have shown themselves sufficiently reliable in the relevant field. And they do have standards: it may not be obvious on the outside what standards or how they are enforced, but if you try to enter nonsense on a page anyone reads, it gets removed, usually very quickly. Wikipedia should not be judged more harshly than traditional publishers of information just because they use a different model.

Now, of course, as I've acknowledged, no one needing absolute accuracy would use Wikipedia for that, and rightly so as they are not and can't be perfect. But it is preposterous to claim that they are worse than nothing.
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Default To Professor Caldwell,

Professor Chris Caldwell, if you’re reading this, thank you for 26 or 27 years of The Top 5000 Primes, The Top 20s, the Glossary, and various works. I wish you the best and good luck in your endeavors.
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Here is the new site: It is not ready for "prime time" yet.
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Thank you Chris Caldwell for all of your work maintain this site
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