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Default Merging Computers OOPS

I guess I shouldn't merge 2 active computers?
Now that I have done so I only seem to see assignments from one CPU from after the merge and none from the other.
However any assignments completed by either show up on results.

Unless someone has a better suggestion I suppose I can QUIT GIMPS on both and then reregister them both? Or just the one I don't see any more?
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Originally Posted by petrw1 View Post
Or just the one I don't see any more?
I wouldn't "Quit Gimps", unless you don't care about currently assigned exponents on that box.

You might try instead:
  1. exit the instance of Prime95 running on your "missing" computer
  2. edit your local.txt and put a dash before ComputerGUID=
  3. restart Prime95 on that computer

This will assign a new Server ID to your missing box, and a distinct row in your CPU details page within your account.
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That is a good thing to know. Thanks, ric.
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