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Default Upgrade under consideration.

I am seriously considering upgrading my GPU to a RTX 2080. If this happens, then my GTX 1080 would go back into its box. I might be willing to part with the 1080 if I could get a little bit out of it. It's never been overclocked and I never allowed it's temperature to exceed 75°C.
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Originally Posted by storm5510 View Post
I am seriously considering upgrading my GPU to a RTX 2080.
Look at the values ​​for a 2080 Ti, even those aren't great, only slightly faster than a Ryzen 7 3700x processor in LL DC.
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Nvidia might produce a 26xx series (like the 1660 ti) in a few months. So maybe wait a bit?
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I just ordered this from a seller on eBay, so there was not much time for waiting. I grilled the seller about the authenticity. He assures me it is the genuine item and sent GPU-Z screenshots. He's based in Connecticut and has a 100% approval rating. I look at these things closely before I step into something like this. So, I'm not too much worried.

I had considered building an entirely new rig around a 12-core Ryzen 9 CPU. However, I run GPU programs over 90% of the time. This made less and less sense as I thought about it. I would have still been using the 1080. The majority of the work I run is P-1. With the size of the exponents ever increasing, it was time for an update.
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I would suggest waiting for Ampere or even RDNA2 to drop - even if you don't get those cards I suspect the second-hand older gen cards will drop in price.
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