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Originally Posted by Viliam Furik View Post
And what is the CPU? I guess it's Intel 10900 something.

Yes, its an i9-10900 @ 2.8 GHz.
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(loop (#_fork))
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Asus X99-A motherboard, second-hand E5-2673v4, running 20 threads at one per core

[Work thread May 20 12:44] Resuming primality test of M54082397 using FMA3 FFT length 2880K, Pass1=384, Pass2=7680, clm=2, 20 threads
[Work thread May 20 12:44] Iteration: 2779000 / 54082397 [5.13%], ms/iter:  1.223, ETA: 17:26:02
I suspect everything fits in the 50MB L3 on this chip, and so the iteration time is extremely stable; the clock speed is 2.4GHz on each core.

If I switch to 10 threads

[Work thread May 20 12:40] Iteration: 2825000 / 54082397 [5.22%], ms/iter:  2.131, ETA: 30:20:29
but I guess two 10-thread workers would need to hit RAM and be significantly slower.

I'll run mprime on this machine for a few days until the extra memory required to run 40 gnfs-lasieve4I16e jobs at once arrives

For comparison, the i7-5820K on the same board managed 3.29ms/iter for p=56778599

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Viliam Furik
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Huh, that's a weird one.

What exponent is running on the second worker? Assuming both are 2880K FFT size, they should both fit with a little spare place into 50 MiB, as 2880*8 gives about 22.5 MiB of L3 cache needed for the test.
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