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Default LLRCUDA - getting it to work


Trying to get the Tesla's here going with LLR CUDA.

After some attempts got to work LLR CUDA at a box.
Didn't figure out yet how fast it is.
Seems to work for 3 * 2 ^ n - 1 here.

I'd like to test 69 * 2 ^ n - 1 with it.

Maybe i have the wrong syntax?

./llrCUDA -q"69*2^2410035" -d

Then it reports "Not support zero-padded rational base DWT"

What can i change to get it going?

Also not sure it was using the correct CUDA device when i tried some 3*2^n-1 exponents by hand as power consumption hardly got up when it ran as i have 2 CUDA devices in this machine. One 10 core card and one Tesla with 448 cores.

Help and user experiences with LLR cuda much appreciated!

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69 is too large.
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