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Default Identifying Athlon 64 hardware (in summary.txt)

It would be very desirable to start keeping track of how many Athlon 64s are running GIMPS.

Currently shows only "AMD Athlon" (undifferentiated) and also "Unspecified type".

How difficult would it be to modify client and server in order to have a distinct category for Athlon 64 / Opteron? Since these have SSE2, they're really a quite distinct category from regular Athlons.

George? Scott?

I know that there are a lot of other priorities for the server, but hopefully it's just a small tweak to the report. We really will need to know how many Athlon 64s we have in order to better assess optimization priorities.
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Peter Nelson
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Arrow Processor type analysis

I agree with this post about identifying 64 bit capable Athlons.

However I suggest also counting how many Intel chips are 32bit and how many have the new Intel 64 bit extensions (which should appear increasingly in 2005).

Putting these together should encourage development of a 64 bit optimised primenet client (eg. when only 10% of people are still using 32-bit CPUs, the case will be overwhelming).

I have a machine getting classified as "Celeron". However, it actually one of the new Celeron D models (320) which although at 2.4 GHz is testing primes (or keys) at very similar rates to my full P4 at 3 GHz. Both are working on 10 million digit exponents of similar size so the comparison is real.

Neither machines are overclocked, both are on 865G chipset motherboards with identical 1GB dual channel DDR RAM.

As well as being MUCH cheaper, the Celeron D has some very up to date features including SSE3 which only recently appeared with the Prescott P4. This is not in the same league as the old slow Celerons of yesteryear (I never bought one ever they were so bad, but hey, I never had a Duron either). As a bonus, it uses less electricity and produces less heat than the P4 chips.

So it's probably worth trying to identify and record the processor description more accurately. I would welcome this as a future enhancement.

Kind regards, Peter
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