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Default How to go back to work?

0. I don't speak very good english.
1. I'm first time doing this job and I'm first time on this site.
2. I accidentally lost the task for my third core. I deleted the string descrybing this work in "worktodo.txt" file.
3. I get the "Got assignment A818...CA0: Double check M32074327" information from "prime.log" file.
4. I wrote "DoubleCheck=A818...CA0,32074327," to "worktodo.txt", but I don't know what are the last two numbers. The other tasks for another 3 cores are ending by "70,1" or "71,1".

So... How can I run the work for the third core again?

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Since M32074327 has been Trial Factored (TF'd) to 71 bits, and P-1 factoring has been run, your line should end in "71,1". That's what those two numbers mean: the first is the TF bit depth, the second is a 0 or 1 indicating whether P-1 has been run.

You shouldn't post assignment IDs (the long jumble of hexadecimal characters "A818...") publicly. That could allow someone to steal your assignment. You (or a forum admin/moderator) should edit it out of your post.

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Thank you! That was so simple )
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This link could be helpful too, but don't play with them until you understand them and know what are you doing.
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