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Jan 2004

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Default newbie needs help

Hi everyone,

I live in Japan and am excited to be joining this forum, but am afraid of contributing to Prime searches because my NEWLEY built PC fails the prime95 TORTURE TEST.

Someone please help me!
My PC is very random on when it fails. It either fails after 13 to 16 minutes, or fails after 1-2 hours or so.

Here are two recent error messages:
Test 2 5300 LL iterations of M14942207 using 768K
FATAL ERROR: Resulting sum was 3.027464443784006e+016
Expected: 3.025636495182616e+016
Hardware failure detected. Ran 1 hour 26 minues, 1 errors 0 warnings.
Test 3 4000 LL iterations of M19374367 using 1024k
FATAL ERROR: Resulting sum was 252146129500646.2
Expected: 12103779215443.46
Hardware failure detected. Ran 16 min. 1 errors 0 warnings
I read almost all of the messages concerning Fatal errors on this forum already, so I have a fair understanding of the possible reasons, but would appreciate any comments nonetheless.

Here are the steps I have already taken, so I suppose you need not suggest I do these:

I replaced the CPU 2 times! Each new CPU fails the Torture Test.
I have tightened all connections in the computer
I have updated the BIOS
I think I have updated most of the drivers, may have missed some( how do I check all drivers, anyone?)
I have tested memory (AND each separately)using MemTest86
I have Motherboard Monitor, my results are the 2nd line:
CORE 0, CORE 1, +3.3, +5.00, +12.00, -12.00, -5.00
1.70V, 1.70V, +3.34, +4.95, +11.55, -12.07, -5.06
(sometimes 1.68V)
Case 24 degrees C, CPU 38 degrees C when failed.

My PC:
AMD 2600+ Barton
ASUS A78NX Deluxe 2.0 revision
Crucial Memory 512MB 64MX64 DDR PC2700 x 2 (1GB memory)
GeForce 5600 Ultra card
Antec Sonata Case 380Watt ATX12V Power Supply
Windows XP home 2002 service pack1
Prime95 Version 23.7.1

My appologies for the long message and beating this topic over the head - it is just so frustrating after building a spanking new PC.

SPECIAL NOTE: Sometimes my computer boots with the message "failed memory test" but then again, sometimes it doesn't. (already passed Mem86!)Also, Japan is on 100 volts instead of the USA's 110V, if anyone thinks that might be the problem.


Newbie waiting to get started
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Aug 2002

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Make sure you have the most recent video card drivers. My guess is that your Ram is the culprit. What are your Ram settings in the BIOS? They may be too fast for Crucial.

Try running Prime95 with just one Ram module in and the memory settings at "SPD".

Good luck, and Welcome to Prime95.
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Jan 2004

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Thank you Outlnder, as the only person replying.

If no one else has any suggestion, I am at a loss.

I tired everything you suggested, updated video card driver for my fx5600 ultra, resetting memory to "by SPD" using both RAM sticks and then just one RAM - still failing torture test. This time FATAL with rounding numbers. once after 57 minutes, once after 5 minutes.

Here are my BIOS settings:
CPU external Freq: 166
CPU freq Mult. Setting: AUTO
CPU Freq Mult. x11.5
System Performance User Defined (also tried on Optimal)
CPU Interface Optimal
Mem Frequency By SPD (originally I had it set for 100%)
Resulting Freq 166MHz
Memory timings Optimal

Could it be a incompatability issue with Crucial brand memory and ASUS A7N8X Deluxe boards? On the ASUS website , I couldn't find the recommended PC2700 RAM for my board, although they do list PC3200 DDR400 brands such as Corsair, etc. My CPU is 1921Mhz 333, so I didn't bother with the higher RAM.

Anyone with suggestions?
Newbie not crunching yet
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P90 years forever!
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Originally Posted by 111393
I tired everything you suggested, updated video card driver for my fx5600 ultra, resetting memory to "by SPD" using both RAM sticks and then just one RAM - still failing torture test.
Try setting your RAM timings to the slowest possible. There have been many cases where memory didn't work at SPD settings.
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Aug 2002

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Can you get ahold of another stick of Ram? The only Ram I ever had fail was Crucial.

If you can, try that. Also, some motherboards have a "Command" setting in the BIOS, it should be set at "2T", or maybe "Auto".

If all else fails, rebuild your system from scratch. Pull it apart and build it just like it was the first time. Don't assume anything. Check all the jumpers and reset the CMOS. Make sure everything is seated firmly. Check all the capacitors on the motherboard for leakage and domeing.

And remember to use your thermal paste sparingly.

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A7N8 is a Dual Channel DDR board - IIRC those HAVE to use 2 sticks of RAM at a time.
It sounds to me to most likely be a RAM problem - the CPU temps are quite cool.

The 100V is well within the limits of any modern power supply to handle - most of them are specified to go down to 80 or 90 volts in normal operation.

I've read a lot of reports of Crucial RAM being very picky in certain motherboards or with certain chipsets - and NVidea chipsets seems to be one of their picky areas. Might try a different brand of RAM.
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Jan 2004

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Default Picky PC

Thanks to those of you submitting ideas to this frustrating problem. I seem to almost have exhausted all ideas (still welcoming suggestions!). Don't think I'll be building another PC anytime soon.

I guess I will break down and spend some cash on a different brand of RAM. Hopefully it is a combatibility problem with my RAM (Crucial and my motherboard ASUS A7N8X Deluxe) I think I will buy Kingston.

Anyway, I will keep members posted. In the end, this thread will be a good reference of steps to take for future beginners failing the Prime95 test.
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Jul 2003

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Go to the forums at amdmb and nforcershq and dig around. You might find a solution to your problem.
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Jan 2004
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Or try the usenet group alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus for specific motherboard help.

Also try lowering FSB &/or multiplier to see if you can get it stable. I had to raise VCore to get my Epox8RDA+ stable (but the MBM high/low facility showed that the variation in VCore took the low value below AMD specs .. you could try looking at that over time .. you can also log to a file).

You may have bad RAM/PSU, or (worst case) a motherboard problem.
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Mar 2004

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I recently ran into a similar situation while I was overclocking my computer. No matter what I did to the cpu, I kept getting all kinds of rounding errors, a few sumout, and the occasional fatal bad sum error.

The solution:

I changed my ram timing from 2.5-3-4-8 to 3-3-4-8 and all 3 of the errors stopped instantly.

I dont know why spd wants to set it at 2.5. I use corsair twinx pc4400, its rated at 3-4-4-8, ddr550 @ 2.75v. If you want to drop it down to 2.5 or 2.0 you will need to get low latency ram. Corsair twinx 3200ll is some pretty solid ram for a dual channel motherboard. The two sticks have been pretested together on a dual channel motherboard for synchronousity at the rated specs. If the sticks arent perfectly synchronised they sell them as individuals instead.

I hope this helps you out.

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