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Aug 2002

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Default Optimizing for Athlon??

George, I found this but don't know if you have seen it. I was wondering if the info would help with optimizing for the Athlon?,/?St=92,E=0000000000034319204,K=8754,Sxi=1,Case=obj(2047)
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Aug 2002
Team Italia

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Afaik, 3DNow! instructions are of no use for GIMPS puropses, and Athlon optimizations are dated v. 21.2

As for optimizing prefetch code,

New features in Version 21.2 of prime95.exe
The program now uses the prefetch instructions on the Celeron 2, Pentium 3,
and all Athlon CPUs. This results in about a 20% performance boost on
these machines.
Hope this helps :?

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P90 years forever!
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Aug 2002
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I've seen the document. It is not particularly helpful.

If I had an Athlon and plenty of free time, I could probably make a faster version for the Athlon. Its cache architecture is different than the PIII and P4, so some improvements should be possible. Just off the top of my head, I'd guess 5-10%.

Of course, I have neither an Athlon nor plenty of free time!
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Aug 2002

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If you would like I can mail you a 550Mhz Athlon classic (mobo, case, ram, some sdr, and a dvd drive, no vid/nic/HDD, needs a 300W uATX psu) or maybe some other kit. I do not want to part with my axp's, with the TPR gauntlet starting, but if you are willing to wait a month, I could send you a temp AXP 2000+ k7s5a 256DDR(5% of my production or so :D :( )(complete system). You would have to pay shipping both ways, though.

Or maybe someone could donate for shipping.
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Aug 2002

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Getting George a box is trivial... Getting him time, however...
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy
Getting George a box is trivial... Getting him time, however...
I figured that much. How many people still do assembly programming these days? :-)

BTW, all of my machines are Intel. :-)
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Sep 2002

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i would also be intrested in a version of prime Optimizing for Athlon

( i know there is a shortage of free time now a days )
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