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Originally Posted by PhilF View Post
Does driving a van with a bunch of other hippies from the 70's who took turns driving count?

If so, Whidbey Island, WA to Oklahoma City, Ok. non-stop except for a 1-hour "excursion" at the Mustang Ranch in Reno, Nevada.
Are you sure that the excursion was for only an hour?

Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
La Verne seems a bit of a letdown after that much time in the car! (I grew up next door in Claremont)
Yeah, there's not too much to do in La Verne. The only thing I did there which was mildly exciting was a horseback ride in Marshall Canyon.

As far as interesting destinations go, I've heard of people doing a "sunrise to sunset, summit to sea" run. You watch the sunrise at Mt. Evans (the highest paved road in North America), and then try to reach the ocean by car in time for sunset (Long Beach, CA would probably be your best bet, and the distance comes out to just over 1,000 miles). If you do it on or near the longest day of the year, keep your breaks to an absolute minimum, and luck out with traffic, construction, weather, etc., you'll have a decent chance of making it without going more than ~10 mph over the speed limit.

An alternate option would be doing Mt. Evans to Badwater, the lowest point in North America. This one is known as the "heaven to hell" ride and is much easier to do in one stretch during daylight hours only.
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Wont be the biggest numbers but my personal maximum was Swindon to Edinburgh. I don't recall the exact numbers. According to Google Maps it is 370 miles estimating 6h40m. From memory the trip actually took me 9 to 10 hours including a couple of breaks along the way for food/other reasons. Most of the trip is motorway (70mph limit) but there are several traffic blackspots on the way.

That was a 3 day trip for work. Because I needed some equipment I decided it was easier on this occasion to drive it up with me. One day up, one day working, one day back. I also used my own car. We get paid by the mile for doing that. For future trips to Scotland I flew every time. Driving a whole day wasn't fun.

Having said that, as a tourist attraction Scotland made up the "north coast 500" route, which you could guess from its name is a 500-ish mile loop. I debated doing that but it implies a 1500 mile trip distance without extra detours. Of course, that would not be done in a day!
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We repeatedly drive south few times per year. Our few records include Bkk in about 7 hour (720km, top speed 160km/h), about 1200 km in about 16 hours (to Phuket, but we could not reach it, I was too tired and we had to chose between reaching the island late in the night when we could probably not be able to find a place to stay, and/or sleeping well at some hotel on the way and reach Phuket next day, so we chose the last and had a good night sleep in Chumphon), and about 1350 km in about 18 hours drive (to Nakhon Si Thammarat, same story, we had to stop in Surat Thani in the evening, otherwise the wife would kill us before we have enough time to make any accident). Both mentioned trips include breaks for lunch, snacks, coffee, toilet, on the way.

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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Speed limits on roads tend to be lower in Europe than the USA's Interstate system (and the other major highways.) [Example: I have travelled the E-6 from Oslo to Bodø in Norway and back. I have done a similar distance in the USA. In USA it was much quicker.]
This is not really the case. In Germany there are no limits at all, while in most of Europe, the speed limit is either 130 (80 mph), or 120 (75 mph), which is comparable if not slightly higher than most USA's Interstates (definitely higher than New England for example). Your example of Normawy was an exceptional case (speed limit 110 = 68mph).

My longest daily drives were while on holiday in US. Cincinnati - South Dakota, Cincinnati - Oklahoma, Cincinnati - Maine. All around 950 miles/1500 km.
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