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Default Software error or hardware error

I'm running mprime 25.11 64-bit on ubuntu 10.04 and today mprime crashed after finding a factor in P1. This has happened several times before, but since I was running in menu mode I got some extra info.
GuloGulo/Phenom_II_X6_1055T, M53619337 has a factor: 3068239623794576992633, AID: E7349195353FF153379E68612A21F119
 [Comm thread Jan 18 14:17]
 [Comm thread Jan 18 14:17] PrimeNet success code with additional info:
 [Comm thread Jan 18 14:17] CPU credit is 5.0082 GHz-days.
 *** glibc detected *** ./mprime: free(): invalid next size (fast): 0x0000000001f94d10 ***
 ======= Backtrace: =========
My machine is a Phenom II X6 1055T overclocked to 3.645GHz. It has been running with this overclock for months and I have never had any other errors than it crashing after finding a factor. Are these crashes still related to an overly ambitious overclock or could they be due to buggy software, libraries or mprime itself?
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This is probably the infamous mprime P-1 segfault bug again, which has been around for ages.
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OK, thanks for the quick reply! So there is nothing to do other than restart mprime? Is the bug that hard to track down?
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I believe this bug is fixed in version 26. Try it.
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