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Default Error, hardware causing CRC error's

I'm having a lot's of CRC errors, i tried swapping RAM chips, but the error still is present.
All my memory chips are PQI RAM's, should i test different manufacturer?
The error's seems to come when i unpack rar, and try to install the software inside.

I have ran memtest86 and prime95.
memtest ran without any problems, but prime95 gave error "FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4"

Should i flash a updated BIOS? Does anyone know if PQI memory has any incompability in Asus P5NSLI?

My specs: Asus P5N SLI | Intel C2D E6600 | PQI 2 GB DDR2 | Asus GF 8800 GT | WD 500 GB

BTW, i have a clean copy of windows XP (just formatted cause i suspected software errors).
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I see this a lot, memtest86 runs perfectly without errors and yet many other applications fail. It makes me wonder about the usefulness of memtest86?
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Memtest86 has been all but replaced by Memtest86+; if you're running the old Memtest86 I'd highly suggest moving over to Memtest86+. Doing this will give you more reliable test results as well as faster completion of the tests since 86+ is optimized for newer hardware.

Free download here:
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Default indicates there might be a problem with memory voltages. See if you can up the memory voltage from BIOS; increment and retest. Knowing what you memory's model number would help.
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