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Default Bootable USB/CD for Sequences - Any Interest?

As may have been noticed prior to the title change to aliperl, I have been pursuing bootable media for running aliquot sequences, with the goal being an OS that can run the necessary applications without disurbing the host computer's normal OS. I have had some successes in this. What I am wondering is how much interest, further than my own, might be out here. There seemed to be a few interested individuals.

This new thread is intended to focus that interest on the development of both a USB version and (maybe) a CD version. I would also like input as to whether it would be of interest for me to add other software, such as home prime sequence stuff, etc. Also, what other packages would be desired, such as web browser, word processor, spreadsheet, etc. Maybe other math-based items?

Here is what I have accomplished so far:

--A fully working USB version that can be booted and used to automatically advance aliquot sequences.

--An almost working CD version that appears to fail due to memory issues. This might work on systems with larger amounts of RAM.

Roadblocks I've run into:

--Even under GNU GPL, there are still legal issues to providing CDs, USBs, iso's, etc. My final versions will probably be "How To's" rather than the preferred media itself.

--linux compiled software will not be optimized across CPUs. In fact, I'm experiencing some troubles with identical OS's here that are on different platforms; one Intel, the other AMD.

--So far, booting from these alternate media takes an extremely long time - on the order of several minutes, much of which is blank screen time or worse - sometimes it gives the appearance of being hung up for several minutes.

Anyway, I needed to start this new thread to give this topic its own home...

Take Care,
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