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Feb 2003

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Default GIMPS on the Radio

While driving down to the office this afternoon I had Radio 4 on and I heard a 15 minue slot all about prime numbers and this project.

If you go here

then you can read about the program and listen to it. They did make one slight mistake, they credited Scott with starting the project and not George.
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Mar 2003
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... 27 new prime95 accounts the last hour (1800-1900 UTC).

Now 25327 accounts. Wasn't it below 25000 some days ago?
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If you got that number from the PrimeNet Server status, then things are really jumping!:
Status Summary Report 30 Oct 2003 03:00 (29 Oct 2003 19:00 Pacific)
Machines Applied on 25472 Accounts
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This number of accounts on the PrimeNet status screen seems to still be creeping up. Just now it is:
26404 Accounts
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Sep 2003

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Looking at old summary.txt files shows that the number of accounts that "machines are applied on" has gone up and down in waves:

Accounts over time

Unfortunately a lot of the older data is fairly sparse, but the wave phenomenon is unmistakable.

If anyone has old summary.txt files lying around (or any other data files like or status.txt or cleared.txt, etc), please get in touch with me.

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