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Default how do I stop PRP checks

Hello Uncwilly,

I posted this (below the doubled lines) in a PRP-related thread and someone told me it didn't belong and then it seems it got stuck into another thread that was locked and with no answer.

That person indicated a disk space issue may be the problem, but that's not the case.

I simply want to turn off PRP checks altogether because they are crashing mprime on some of my devices and wasting a lot of time time having to go in and delete it and start with a new LL factor. I have a total of 5 devices running Prime95 and 13 running mprime; it's only happening with the mprime devices.


On about 3 occasions so far on different machines, the PRP check crashed and kept dumping mprime (on Linux machines) each time I tried to start it with that same PRP check. This seems to happen as it's close to completion. This one was 95%.

I had to delete that assignment and grab a new exponent (entered manually into worktodo.add file) to try my usual first time LL check so it would run without crashing. Those never crash.

I am running the absolute latest from the FTP site as of about a month ago.

How do I stop PRP checks?

I have no problem with doing double-checks, and those cause no issues for me.


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I don't know why you are calling me out.

I don't run mprime, so I am not familiar with the way of instructing it. But, if you select the work type of Double-check prime tests, you will get assigned LL-DC work. Read the documentation to figure out how to select the work type.
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Viliam Furik
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Originally Posted by ssybesma View Post
That person indicated a disk space issue may be the problem, but that's not the case.
I assume you run version 30.x because I think you have mentioned you do.

Disk space is used for storing the residues needed for the generation of the proof, and storing the proof file itself. I am not sure how the mprime window looks, but in Windows, it prints out info about how much disk space it will use for the proof process. I assume the same is true for Linux.

So, you have to set the disk space maximum allowed usage yourself. If I recall correctly, current wavefront exponents, about 105M, use about 3 GB of disk space, plus about 120 MB proof file.

If your disk space is set to sufficiently more than you need for the test, and it still crashes, only then you can claim it's not a problem.

LL test doesn't create a proof file, so it only stores the backup files, for which there is no storage limit AFAIK, only the size of free disk space itself.

If your disk space limit is too low, it makes perfect sense LL would run, while PRP would crash. If it's not, well, then George should probably look into it.
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