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Default Linux and proxy setup

I am attempting to run mprime behind a firewall that requires authentication. I did read the FAQ and that seemed to say to create a file called primenet.ini with the proxy server info.

Here is my primenet.ini file:
[PrimeNet Proxy]

After answering all the questions here are the result that I get:

Mersenne number primality test program version 23.5
Contacting PrimeNet Server.
ERROR 2250: Server unavailable
The FAQ at may have more information.
Will try contacting server again in 60 minutes.

I did read what the 2250 error points to and from what I can see my ini file is correct. Does the primenet.ini file do anything in Linux? I set up a packet capture on my machine and I do not see my machine trying to access my proxy server.

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

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Put Debug=1 in the primenet.ini and post the debug info written to prime.log
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This is what I am getting from prime.log.

bash-2.05b$ more prime.log
[Tue Jun 1 11:54:17 2004 - ver 23.5]
host = http, port = 0
PrimeNet: unknown host: http

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I got it working should have done a cat primenet.ini instead of copying and pasting out of vi when I posted my initial question. I had ProxyHost in there 2X once I removed that it worked like a champ.

Thanks for all your help.
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