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Default Setup on Mac

On the "download software" ( page it shows filling in a Windows dialog for specifying your user and computer name. But how do you do it on a Mac?

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I thought the latest version of Prime95 for Mac had a GUI, which I'd suppose should have a dialog to specify the user and computer name. See for the latest beta, you can try that or try this:
I'm not able to fully test this as I don't have a Mac, but this should work:
First, make a user ID at
Make a file called prime.txt with "V5UserID=[your user ID]" (no quotes or brackets, just fill in the data).
Make a file called local.txt with "ComputerID=[an ID for this computer]" (no quotes or brackets, just fill in the data).
Run mprime/Prime95.

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From the source code:
/* Unlike other ports we do not change to the executable's directory. This is because */
/* that would place our temporary files within the application bundle. They would then */
/* be deleted whenever the user upgrades to a new version. Instead, we'll make our */
/* default working directory ~/Prime95.
Mac OS X version automatically reads all it's setting files from a fixed directory ("/home/username/Prime95") instead of in the same directory the application is in.
Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by RussJones View Post
On the "download software" ( page it shows filling in a Windows dialog for specifying your user and computer name. But how do you do it on a Mac?
Assuming you are running Prime95 v26.x on the Mac, you can find the dialog box at the pull-down menus at Test->PrimeNet...
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In v.25, you need to run

./mprime -m

from the Terminal to run mprime interactively. After that, it's pretty self-explanatory -- make the menu choices you need to change the options to what you want. After you've changed all the settings, exit the program (Test-->Exit) and restart with

nohup ./mprime &

to run the program in the background. If you want mprime to get higher priority you will need to run renice. If you're not familiar with Unix commands in Terminal, you'll only need a few to run mprime -- ps -x to show process status, kill -p <process_id> to stop mprime (despite the work 'kill', mprime does an orderly shutdown, including updating checkpoint files).
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