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Axel Fox
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Default The Status Files

I don't know if this is really the right forum to post this message, so I'm sorry if it is not.

I'm not very used to using the files on the status page, but I'm trying to find some usefull information in them, but I noticed something.

In the Status Table, it says there are only 7 exponents not verified below 9040000, but if I open the hrf3.txt files, I count 11 exponents below 9040000. Is this a synchronisation error of some kind or am I missing something ?

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"Patrik Johansson"
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Maybe it is because there are seven distinct exponents below 9040000 in hrf3.txt. But I didn't count the ones between 9040000 and 10330000 to see if that hypothesis holds.
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Axel Fox
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Ah yes, of course. I didn't notice that there were duplicate entries in there.

But this rises another question though. These duplicate entries, does this mean that the LL Residues do not match in these cases ? So in the case of 8799551, does this mean that this exponent has been LL Tested 3 times and resulted in 3 distinct LL Residues ?

So these entries have to be Tiple Checked and in the example given, quadruple-checked ?
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P90 years forever!
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You understand correctly. We check as many times as needed until there is a match.
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