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Default Alarm Clock

So I have to get used to getting up early for classes. I start this week. My first class is at 8:30am, Monday through Friday, and I have classes all the way through to 1:30pm.

I knew if I didn't get up early today, I would not be able to sleep tonight, and hence I would be falling asleep in class tomorrow.

So I decided to set my alarm for 9:30am so that I can go to bed earlier tonight.

Somehow, my biological clock decided it would be better to wake up at 6:30am. I tossed around in bed for an hour before I decided to give up. I brushed my teeth, and I jumped to my computer. I started feeling sick, though, because I only slept 4 hours and my sleep wasn't steady to begin with.

So I decided to go to bed again. This was already two hours after I got up the first time, so logically it would make sense to set the alarm for 11:30am.

It took me another hour to fall asleep, and this sleep was just about the most unsteady sleep I have ever had. You'll never guess what my dreams were about. they were about ALARM CLOCKS. In one of them, the alarm clock was me getting up quickly (as if to hit the sleep button) but the point of this way of waking up was to eat very sweet and very tart blackberries, one at a time but quickly. In another one, the bed comes with you until you're ready to stay awake, except you have to stay awake because this is your alarm clock, and you set it to wake you up. Another one was that your body autonomously went about the usual wake-up routine of getting up, brushing your teeth, washing your face, etc, but you have no ability to stop it, because you HAVE TO get up to go wherever you're going.

The last one, a cartoonish, graphical animation of an explosion on my computer monitor saying "YOU SUCK!", came up 2 seconds before my real alarm went off.
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This isn't all too surprising to me. You are preoccupied with alarm clocks and waking up on time; hence, it is logical that your dreams reflect this.

Actually, there are methods to control what you dream about based on thinking about it beforehand. I'm not sure if you've heard of this before, but a few months ago I learned about "lucid dreaming"--basically, it is the method of dreaming in which you realize you are dreaming and then are capable of taking control of your dream. Check it out if you like, it will take a few months but eventually you could take control of your dreams; sound weird, well, it is, a little, but it does work (although I am not at the point of being able to do it nightly).

It really astounds me how much there could be about myself which I don't yet know.
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I love when the school year rolls around.

For me it means instead of getting up at 04:30 for work (or for some reason 03:30 this morning without an alarm on 4 hours of sleep) I can sleep in until at least 09:00 since my days now start @ [12:00,10:00,23:59,12:00,10:00] for Mon-Fri.

Yet I have a harder time getting up @ 9 for my 10:00 classes than I do getting up @ 04:30 for work @ 05:30.
So as far as getting up "early" for an 08:30 class I'll be feeling your pain for another 9 weeks.
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