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Default idea ?

Hmm....interesting. While again I must admit I'm not too familiar with what you're trying to do here, it seems that your idea might have merit. I'd again suggest posting it to the Homework Help forum as clearly and plainly as possible and asking for help getting it up to a "professional grade" proof--if the people there see a genuine desire to clean this up and learn where applicable, I doubt they'll turn you away.

Originally Posted by science_man_88
basically I've been trying to use riesel primes form to try and limit the checked values (I think my newest idea of an idiot and the science_man_88 thread should be merged if I'm right (and I should be)they are basically the same but worded different)

the hard part is using k and a or f to limit checks.

for example I know how to find f max given the f formula in newest idea of an idiot I just want to figure out a way to make less checks (apparently they know how to do them quicker) less checks + faaster checks = much faster checking.

Originally Posted by mdettweiler
Yes, I see what you mean...the reason why I suggested the Homework Help forum, though, is that people might take you a bit more seriously if you post your ideas there, and work with others to get them cleaned up to the "professional level" that they're generally expecting--then, if your theories hold water, people will be able to see more clearly what they do and how they work. I think the main reason why nobody takes you seriously is because they can't make sense of what you're trying to present; cleaning up your theories so they can be more plainly understood might go a long way towards restoring your credibility.

Originally Posted by science_man_88
nobody takes me seriously anyways so there's no point why care to post on a forum ( basically by definition to get ideas out) if nobody cares.
Originally Posted by mdettweiler
Originally Posted by science_man_88
how i messed up the simplification I have no idea.
As I said before, I'm afraid this isn't really my area of expertise--so I can't really make much sense of your work. That job will have to be left to someone with a greater understanding of mathematics than I.

My suggestion would be to post your theories in the Homework Help forum and ask for help from some of the more experienced math people on this forum. Per the rules of the Homework Help forum here, "There are no stupid questions, only stupid questioners"; as long as you present your work in a clear way and are willing to receive help, I suspect you'll have much better luck posting there than in the Miscellaneous Math Threads forum, which is more of a stockpile for posts to be ignored/taunted/etc.

the newest idea of an idiot and science_man_88 threads should be moved here if you want all the data (though they should also be merged)

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